Bruce Alderson

Software craftsmanship from start to finish.


I love crafting software; obsessing over technical details, architecting systems to meet specific goals, designing artful visuals, and working through the business of making it happen.

What do I do? I design, build, and ship software. I work in dozens of programming languages, tools, and platforms. I manage successful projects and teams. And I absolutely adore crafting user interfaces, web services, server applications, and data collection systems.


Discovery Software — 2004-current Software for educators

Sr. Architect/Chief developer

At Discovery Software I focus on product design and development, senior consulting services, management, and training. The products I've worked on include large scale web services, mobile tools, and desktop applications aimed at educators and administrators.

  • System architect, visual designer, lead developer of multiple web based software systems, including handheld APIs, interactive interfaces, and cloud deployments. Responsible for designs, documentation, review, capacity planning, and execution.
  • Senior manager, lead developer, and architect for multiple client/server PC and handheld products, budgeting, and technical/business documentation.
  • Sr. Consultant, providing technical leadership and review for clients.
  • CTO and IT operations manager, responsible for budgets and approach and execution of IT services.
  • Also responsible for staffing and staff technical training.

Napkinware Design Services — 2010-current Design and development

Napkinware is my consultancy focused on helping non-profits and select local businesses. I primarily work to spread the message of these special organizations using tools like WordPress and Drupal.

Triant Technologies — 1996-2004 Industrial data collection and analysis

Sr. Architect/Sr. Software Developer

At Triant I focused on the design and development of data collection and analysis infrastructure for semiconductor manufacturing. The work included embedded and enterprise software built in C, C++, and Java. The design, development, and testing included multicore realtime and semi-realtime problems, as well as advanced serial and TCP/IP protocol design and implementation.

  • Software Architect responsible for systems design, capacity planning, documentation, review, and execution.
  • Sr. Software Developer and team lead, responsible for design, project execution, and documentation.
  • Technical project manager, responsible for coordinating internal and external teams, design and code reviews.
  • Software Developer, Technical Team Lead, responsible for low level application design and implementation.

Other consulting — 1993 - 2014

I have also consulted and crafted software on contract, focusing on web services and visual design.

Recent projects:

  • Design and implementation of an online training system. (PHP, Ruby, Javascript, CouchDB)
  • Design and implementation of an embedded controller for collision detection. (VxWorks/C++)
  • Developed several embedded protocol drivers for manufacturing control. (C/C++, Serial, TCP/IP)
  • Designed and developed NL parser libraries for humane text processing. (Perl, Javascript, PHP)
  • Classroom training. (C/C++, software design methods, web design, little language design, and SEO/marketing ethics)


  • UFV, BSci (1991-1995)


Feel free to contact me by email or phone: (604) 807-8812.

Glowing recommendations available on request.